Our “Learn” is as good as our “Lunch”: Home-Probe Classes

Our “Learn” is as good as our “Lunch”: Home-Probe Classes

Consumers expect a lot out of Real Estate Agents and hold them accountable for anything that doesn’t meet their expectations in a house or transaction. The more the agent knows about homes, the more the client trusts them.

That’s why we have a robust Education Department that offers Continuing Education and Lunch and Learn courses.

Our topics cover a gamut of interests and issues that we see in the field. And just like our inspectors, we present the information in a way that is engaging, understandable with no drama.

Topics include:

  • Top FAQs buyers ask inspectors
  • Sell higher and faster with a listing inspection
  • Dealing with the deal killer and the cost to cure
  • Building permits and home inspection
  • Anatomy of a house
  • Start Smart (new agent guide to inspection reports)
  • What to look for when looking
  • New construction v resale inspections
  • Radon – haunt or hype?
  • Building an Amendment from a Report
  • When things go wrong

We can also tailor a class to answer hot button issues you’re dealing with.

Ask about our schedule or about bringing a FREE engaging class and delicious lunch to your office by emailing info@home-probe.com.