Essential Home Inspections and COVID-19

Essential Home Inspections and COVID-19

Although much debated recently, Real Estate has been categorized as an essential business.  My personal belief is it will contribute to what little life support there is for our economy.  Therefore, all business supporting those essential businesses are also considered essential.  Home inspectors are considered an essential business, and we have the good fortune to still be able to work.  A bit of a double edge sword maybe.

No surprise that business is anything but normal.  Normally this time of year, we’re scrambling to get inspections done within the limited time frame of Due Diligence.  A home inspection is simply something that can’t be rushed, so doing them “faster” isn’t an option.  Business has declined significantly so we find ourselves on the other side of that coin as our business has slowed and showings continue to decline in the market.

Real Estate Showings Decline in 2020

Not only has business declined but the inspection game has also changed.  Standard practice for our firm is to spend 20 minutes or so with clients at the end of the inspection to conduct a wrap up session and to give them a clearer picture of the condition of the home.  We can no longer do that safely and now use facetime, Zoom or a phone call to accomplish this.  It’s weird at first, but it works.

The inspection is also a time when an appointment is made for sellers to be out of their home for a few hours so it lends perfectly for the buyer to be there and really get a feel for what they’re buying. They may invite parents or relatives and this is becoming problematic for our inspectors as there have been instances of up to 8 people in a 1300 SF home.  It’s a bit of a challenge to ask people not to show up to their own appointment. And, as the world watches, we need to do our part.  Stay safe and wash your hands.