All Things To All Customers

All Things To All Customers

So many of us try to be all things to all people.  Our objective is to please everyone, and we believe in doing so, we’ll be liked, accepted, appreciated, etc.  Sometimes that may cause us to sacrifice our own desires or values in the quest to please others.

Since business owners are human beings, we find ourselves sometimes trying to do this in our businesses to be all things to all customers.  The focus of our business is the home inspection.  We keep it simple.

We see too many other home inspection companies in Atlanta that want to chase every perceived opportunity and appeal to as broad a market as possible.  Businesses and their leaders feel the pressure to provide a product or service that is outside of their field or not within their strategy or vision.

Mapping out a clear vision of where you want your company to be and what you want your customers to expect is key in building a thriving business in a competitive market.  We’ve experienced this first-hand.  We are experts in the home inspection, and we partner with experts in other fields.  Spending time learning another service to write the same perfected procedures that we’ve written for our inspection service would be counter-productive and may also cause us to lose sight of what’s important, which is exceeding expectations and building trust.

The unwavering focus on our core purpose and the processes we’ve built around it has allowed us to more than double our business in the last three years.  By focusing on what we do best we can continue to perfect our service and provide an overwhelmingly great service to all our clients with every phone call, on every inspection, every time.

If we’re not going to be the number one or number two service provider, then we shouldn’t be in it.  Our customers need us to be the best.