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Just like real estate agents choose a broker who will help their business succeed, even the best and most thorough home inspectors are no better than the firm they work for.

Some of the reasons to make sure you work with an inspector who has the backing of a strong and professional home inspection company are:

Home Inspection Isn’t a Licensed Industry in Georgia
Real estate agents are required to pass a test, be insured, and continue their education, but home inspectors are not. There are no licensing requirements and the financial and educational barrier to entry is low.

A top quality firm is financially invested in its inspectors and the work they do — which means hiring only the best inspectors, providing professional development for them, and insuring their work.

Happy Inspector = Happy Client
Everyone knows that someone who loves what they do does it best, and home inspection is no different. An inspector that works for a company they love is the best of both worlds. Knowing they have a salary, benefits, and the support of an established company allows the inspector to focus on the job they like.

Inspection Requires Full-Time Attention
An inspector who sees 10 homes a week, 50 weeks a year naturally builds an experience level and familiarity. When an inspector has to navigate scheduling, arranging access, marketing, and running a business it leaves less time and focus to dedicate to the inspections themselves.

Clients Don’t Like to Wait

Real estate is a time sensitive industry. Having a full-time support staff means clients can always reach someone by phone or email.

More Minds Are Better Than One
Just like real estate agents in an office form a supportive role in teaching each other, so do inspectors working for the same company. They are able to share tips, ideas, solutions, and trends so they can provide the knowledge and experience of their colleagues to their clients.

Home-Probe was established in 2002 with the idea that building a great company is essential to providing exceptional service. Our inspectors are full-time employees of the company, not sub-contractors. They enjoy a competitive salary, extensive benefits package, and on-going professional development.

Professional Home Inspection Company

The Home-Probe Crew Works and Plays Together

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