Our TOP 10 for 2016 – you’re on the list!

What was 2016 like for your business? Many people helped ours grow and improve, if you’re reading this, you’re probably on the list:

  1. Listing agents: Though we are most often requested by a buyer in a transaction, it’s not lost on us that there would be no transaction without the work required to list the home. If you generated and took a listing this year, you gave us an opportunity to work with a buyer.
  2. Clients sent our way: While it’s an obvious list-topper, we know you have a choice in recommending inspectors. Even more importantly, we recognize you put your professional reputation on the line when you do.
  3. Water cooler talk about Home-Probe: We always ask new-to-us agents how they heard about Home-Probe. We get a little giddy (and so does our bank account) when we hear it came from you.
  4. CE Class Attendees: Our continuing education department helps us form relationships and offer resources. When you attend, your questions and comments make the course better the next time we offer it.
  5. Online Reviews: We definitely fall in the category of “everyone” when it comes to liking to hear great things about their work. We see you and your clients spreading the word about us in the social media circles of Facebook, Yelp, Kudzu, and Zillow.
  6. Feedback: Every time you tell us about an experience you have with Home-Probe, you give us a chance to improve our business. And that takes time and effort on your part.
  7. Office Superheroes: There’s a lot that goes into setting the stage for an inspection that happens behind the scenes and only gets noticed if something goes wrong. We’re lucky to have an office team that answers the phone before the 2nd ring, arranges access, and catches balls we didn’t even know were in the air, making the process seamless for everyone else.
  8. Incredible Inspectors: With no state licensing, anyone in Georgia can call themselves a home inspector. Our inspectors set the bar high when it comes to expertise, communication, and doing the right thing.
  9. ASHI: The American Society of Home Inspectors sets a standard we follow on every inspection. Our clients have confidence knowing what will be inspected and reported knowing we have these credentials.
  10. Opportunities to Improve: We’ve made changes big and small to our business this year, often based on feedback we got from you. Whether it was fine-tuning our reporting, to raising awareness and funds for CHOA, to revamping our warranty, we are committed to wearing a thick skin and finding more ways to be remarkable.Tell us — what could we be doing better?

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