Timing is Everything in Real Estate

One way consumers are protected from dangerous appliances is through the recall process. Unfortunately, often recall information can be difficult to find and track.

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That’s why Home-Probe includes a recall check on appliances as part of our full-service home inspection. We’re not the only inspector to offer the service, but we’re the only one that’s perfected the timing to give clients the information they need WHEN THEY NEED IT.

Home-Probe allows clients to opt in to the recall check by completing a form after closing, when they are the owner of the appliances being checked and can arrange for the manufacturer to correct the issue. The report includes potential recalls along with the manufacturer’s contact information and their correction for repair or replacement.

The RecallChek service also benefits clients in the future. In addition to their initial report, clients will receive:

* Immediate alerts if an appliance gets recalled
* 24/7 online inventory in case of loss
* Recall Protection for Life
* Update their home’s appliances at any time
* Dedicated customer service team to help them get free in-home repairs

To learn more about RecallChek provided by Home-Probe, call our office at 404-218-1040

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