More Than A Home Inspection

We Love Home Inspections!

Our inspectors love what they do. They appreciate who they work for, our customers.  They find comfort in the security of working for an established home inspection firm.  This leaves them with one focus.  YOUR HOME INSPECTION.   

The home inspection is secondary for Home-Probe, Inc. because a great home inspection falls into place naturally for us.  Have you ever had a job that you loved?  The employees at Home-Probe, Inc. love theirs and that’s why we give an overwhelming level of service with every phone call, every inspection, every time.   

At first glance you might think it selfish of us to put our company first. We disagree.  Over the years we’ve learned that there is no better way to give our customers more than they expect than by taking care of our employees first.

Let’s face it, that’s why we do what we do.  We want to create great jobs.  Your home inspection is not a paycheck to us.  It’s a building block in our foundation.

Our plan is to be around for a long time. We want to be the company you call when it comes time to go through the purchasing process again and again years down the road.  So, not only do we want to be your home inspection company, we want to be your partner.

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Rael Levin setting a radon monitor at one of our Georgia Home Inspections

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