Foreclosure Home Inspection

Is there a difference in doing a foreclosure home inspection?

There is really no difference in a typical Atlanta Home Inspection whether it is a foreclosed property, a traditional resale or new home inspection. While there are some nuances of the foreclosure inspection process we’ve become experts in solving these problems. One of the biggest concerns that buyers have while negotiating the purchase of a foreclosure is the matter of who will turn the utilities on to the property. This goes back to being the burden of the real estate agent (hopefully, you’re using one) and they spend countless hours trying to track folks down, leaving messages, sending emails, etc.  Only to learn that the party they have been in contact with doesn’t know much more about the property than they do, in terms of its current condition.

The single biggest burden with the foreclosure home inspection is when the bank is simply not willing to carry the responsibility of turning on the utilities.  We’ve had experiences with a buyer that wants to buy a property and is willing to have the utilities turned on IN THEIR NAME with the utility company telling them they can’t do it because they don’t own or have a lease for the property.

This is frustrating on several levels. The buyer can’t, in good conscience, buy the property they really want.  The bank doesn’t take advantage of an opportunity to get rid of a property they would rather not have. The buyer and agent have to start the process over from scratch.  The worst part about it is that we lose the opportunity to provide another homebuyer with an outstanding home inspection. We don’t want to see this happen anymore so we’ve created some options for our customers.

We’re more than great home inspections. We go way beyond that.  This video should prove it.

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