Atlanta Condo Inspection

A little insight on Atlanta Condo Inspection.

We often get phone calls from purchasers asking if we do Atlanta Condo Inspections.

Of course we do. Are they any different than a standard Atlanta home inspection? Of course they are. Quite frequently the buyer has been advised by their Real Estate Agent to get an inspection done on the Atlanta condo.  The buyer doesn’t really see the value of the service and then asks about what we do on a typical Atlanta condo inspection. A question may sound something like this: “I’m buying a condo that is only 750 square feet.  My agent says I should get an inspection done but what can you do on such a small area?”  Actually the systems in a condo are the same as those found in a detached, single family home. The only components not included are the exterior systems.  This includes the roof and the exterior of the building therefore the fees associated with a condo inspection would be less than that of a single family Atlanta home inspection.

Our typical pre-purchase Atlanta condo inspection includes a detailed inspection of the interior of the unit to the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice (ASHI).  This will also include the plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and an evaluation of all installed appliances.

Our inspectors have significant experience with Atlanta Condo inspections. Our company performed 147 individual condo inspections on the units at Tribute Lofts and was retained by the developers to perform quality control audits through the construction process.  We were also hired by the developers of Mezzo.  We performed Atlanta condo inspections on this 72 unit condo building as a quality control audit when the construction process was completed. This does not include the numerous Atlanta condo inspections we perform annually for individuals purchasing or selling a property. 

 There are a lot of decisions to be faced with when purchasing an Atlanta condo. One important component of this process that is often left out is the Atlanta condo inspection. A condominium can become a money pit just as quickly and easily as a detached, single family home.  Although this is unlikely, the investment in an Atlanta condo inspection is the best step forward in protecting your investment.

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