Laughing All the Way to the Bank


What’s funny about real estate? Finding that out and incorporating it into your presentations with prospective buyers and sellers can do 3 things for your business, according to Marshall Chiles, owner of Humor Wins. Using humor will:

  1. Increase likeability – smiling and laughing makes people feel happier. When you are the reason they are happier, they like you more.
  2. Improve engagement – when what you say makes someone smile and laugh, they want to hear more.
  3. Boost persuasion – be more effective in persuading someone to take the action you are suggesting in your presentation.

Home-Probe is bringing Marshall Chiles’ groundbreaking business ideas to the real estate industry.

Join us for a happy hour and hear Marshall discuss tips from his award-winning presentation:

DATE:  Thursday, November 10th

TIME:   3-5pm

LOCATION:  Keller Williams Realty Intown
                          621 North Avenue, #C50
                          Atlanta, GA 30308

COST: No charge! Home-Probe will pick up the bill

RSVP:  Register Here!

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