Your Atlanta Home Inspection

Our approach to the Atlanta Home Inspection


So you’re buying a new Atlanta home. Of course you can do your Atlanta home inspection yourself but, it’s not recommended. Even buyers with significant construction and building experience will find it hard to be impartial about a home they have decided to purchase.

There area a lot of homes to purchase and inspect in Atlanta and remember, most buyers are looking for reasons to purchase thier prospective home.
The professionals at Home-Probe, Inc. will help you make a well informed buying decision. Our goal is to educate you through the Atlanta home inspection process.

Our Atlanta Home Inspection Process

Atlanta Home Inspection Photo

We know you like the property you’ve hired us to inspect for you. If you didn’t we wouldn’t be there right? We believe that our job is to evaluate the property to ensure you are buying the property you think it is. This is a fact finding mission. Is it everything you think it is? Are there hidden issues that could cost you money?

Do any significant issues with safety need to be addressed immediately? We want to assess your bottom line, and determine if there are any surprises that have not been foreseen. Are there any big ticket items?

Along to the way of coming to that conclusion we’ll also identify the things that don’t have such a big impact on your buying decision. Those too will be pointed out to you and identified in your Atlanta home inspection report. The purpose of the exercise of home inspection in Atlanta is to determine if there is any reason you might need to renegotiate or change your mind about your purchase altogether.

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