Home Probe’s Latest Catch – JR Prince

Home Probe’s Latest Catch – JR Prince

The anatomy and physiology of homes comes as second nature to J.R. Prince, who grew up learning the craftsmanship of custom home building with his grandfather. J.R. transferred that knowledge to home inspection, starting and running a successful solo practice before being lured by Home-Probe to join our team of experts.

image1J.R.’s notable training and certifications include:

• Membership in ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors
• Master’s Certification from the American Home Inspectors Training Institute, an ASHI-approved school

Savvy buyers who want reliable information like working with J.R. Part brainy and part Boy Scout, he combines technical expertise with a sincere desire to help. J.R. says:

I like to go above and beyond in taking care of the client and the property. I educate and explain until the client feels as comfortable with the report as I do. And I treat their potential home as if it were my own, if I get insulation on the floor, I’m the first one to grab a broom and clean it up.

When he’s not in the field, J.R. can be found cheering on his favorite college football team or cruising his ski boat with his wife and daughter. No one who meets him is surprised to learn J.R. was voted Most Witty in high school, but most don’t guess he was nationally ranked as a professional Moto Cross Racer.

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