The Little Blue Book for Realtors

Realtor Reference Handbook

“How much is it to upgrade the electrical service?”

“How often does the driveway need to be resurfaced?”

Buyers and sellers believe their real estate agent knows every detail related to every home, including professional technical knowledge well outside an agent’s expertise.

That’s why we created the Realtor Reference Handbook. Because Realtors play such an important role in helping clients access the knowledge they need, we want your clients to have the best information possible, not something someone heard from an uncle’s friend or saw on a Wiki internet search.

These small handbooks are well-loved by agents. Some pass them along to their clients, others keep one in the car and one at their desk so the answers to their client’s questions are right at their fingertips.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Cost estimates for home improvements and repairs
  • Life expectancies for systems and components
  • Glossary of technical terms you might hear from a contractor or find on an inspection report
  • Articles on getting the most from an inspection, preparing for an inspection, and working with contractors.

We’ve crammed them full of helpful information and then  provide them free of charge because the more educated your clients are, the better off everyone involved in the real estate transaction is.

As your go-to source for technical insights and expertise about the homes you work with, this handbook is just one way Home-Probe can help.

Need a handbook? Want us to personalize some for your buyers? Drop us a quick email, and we’ll make sure you get them.

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