Atlanta Home Inspection Company

Mission Statement:  

To make our clients aware of the current mechanical, electrical, and structural state of their pending real estate investment consistent with the standards set by the American Society of Home Inspectors.

Vision Statement

Earn the praise of our clients and through them the advocacy of referring sources by thoughtful selection, training and continued education of dedicated inspector-employees.

Here’s the team that makes up our fantastic Atlanta Home Inspection Company:

Our Home Inspectors


Mark Kinzie– Home Inspector, Field Manager

Home inspection was a natural evolution for Mark Kinzie’s career, which spans more than 12 years of work experience in the building and construction industry. There, he mastered a working knowledge of the systems and components that make up a home. Building upon that expertise, Mark completed formal training and is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the industry’s top professional affiliation, and Maricosta College.

Mark likes to put himself in his client’s shoes when performing an inspection and completing the report. He says, “I know buying and selling a home is a huge decision, I want to give people the tools they need to make that decision informed.”

When he’s not providing peace of mind to clients, Mark spends his time building furniture, collecting new music, and exploring the world with his wife and baby boy. His favorite thing to do when visiting a different country? Drive. He lives by the mantra “There will be no shuttles.”

Ben Girard – Home Inspector

Ben Girard acquired a knowledge of the inner workings of older homes the same way he learned to walk and talk – by living it. He grew up in the Boston area with parents who restored a Revolutionary War era home over time.

A career in carpentry, building, and renovations naturally followed, where Ben spent more than 12 years honing his skills and knowledge base. He began his career in inspection with three years conducting energy audits before joining Home-Probe. Ben’s revered formal training and recognition include:

  • ASHI at Home Training Program: renowned as the most respected and comprehensive training
  • ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Member
  • B.A. Public Health Education, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Carpentry Certification, North Bennett Street Trade School, oldest trade school in the U.S.
  • Professional Building Analyst Certification, Building Performance Institute
  • Named #1 Contractor by Georgia Power for energy audits, 4 consecutive years

Home buyers who want to understand technical details in terms they relate to like working with Ben. He says, “I’m thorough and detail-oriented, but it’s the client interaction that makes me want to go to work every morning. It’s great to be able to share my intense curiosity about a home and have a client ‘get’ something they’ve never understood before.”

When Ben isn’t in the field, you’ll likely find him rescuing abandoned cabinets or stray animals. They all find a place in his home and his heart, which he shares with his wife and two sons. Ask Ben about his latest project, or one of his early memories – being picked as Ben Franklin in the 4th grade play.

Jose Gonzales – Home Inspector

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it saves the home inspector according to Jose Gonzales, known for still having questions when everyone else has stopped asking.

Jose matches this inquisitive nature with a hearty background of technical experience having spent 3 years as an electrical contractor and a varied construction background. He adds to that a sense of duty and comradery nurtured by multiple deployments as a combat medic in the Army. His formal training also includes:

  • ASHI at Home Training Program: renowned as the most respected and comprehensive training
  • ASHI (the American Society of Home Inspectors) Member
  • Programming study through Dekalb Technical College

Clients who want someone in their corner like working with Jose. He says, “People are investing a lot of money in their home. I want to give them a fighting chance and sense of comfort that their questions are answered and they are confident in their decision. I want to be remembered as someone who gave them their money’s worth and more.”

A little bit Atlanta and a lot his native New York, you’ll find Jose walking when he’s not inspecting, whether that’s one of his weekly hikes or making his way around the neighborhood. He enjoys spending time with family, including his teenage son.

Tom Lloyd– Home Inspector

Tom Lloyd has lived, breathed, and worked real estate since he took his first job in the industry at 16 years old working in his parents’ brokerage office in Michigan. He’s seen and understands all the moving parts of a house and a real estate transaction, serving clients as a real estate agent and broker before transitioning to home inspector.

Tom’s formal technical training includes:

  • ASHI at Home Training Program: renowned as the most respected and comprehensive training
  • ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Member
  • Certified InterNACHI Inspector with credentials in: Deck, Exterior, Radon, Roof, Moisture Intrusion, Chimney, Plumbing

Clients who want extensive information about the home they are buying or selling trust Tom. “I often hear the word ‘thorough’ when my clients talk about my work,” Tom says. “I answer questions they may not have even known they had while showing them the house’s personality.”

Commitment, perseverance, and integrity are all qualities exemplified by Tom’s 4th Degree Master Instructor ranking in Taekwon-Do. He balances this serious side with a sense of humor, noting he and his wife met through martial arts and jokes that they have given each other black eyes on the mat. He now enjoys spending time with her and their three teen and tween children, who still save a laugh for his “dad jokes.”

Nate 2Nate Bradley – Home Inspector

Serving in the Air Force with a focus on HVAC systems for 12 years taught Nate Bradley more than just a working knowledge of air conditioning, it developed an unmatched discipline and commitment to excellence. In addition to these strengths, he brings to every home inspection practical expertise gleaned while working as a roof inspector as well as his extensive formal training (B.S. in Business Management, A.S. in Mechanical and Electrical Technology, and membership and training with ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors).

Clients who want to make an informed decision trust Nate. He says, “I’ve always been curious about systems and how things connect – I used to get in trouble as a kid for taking apart watches to see how they work. That helps me be a better inspector. I take a lot of pride in my work and know that at the end of the day, everything I do is about the customer, not about me.”

Nate stays busy outside the office with his wife and four sons. They share a love of LEGO, from detailed architectural sets to creative airplane/car mixes. Ask Nate what he’s building right now.

Rael Levin – Home Inspector Atlanta Home Inspection

Rael received formal training from The American Home Inspector Training Institute and is an active member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  Rael started his career in the Atlanta Home inspection business well over 3 years ago but actually began working in the building and construction industry of Atlanta, Georgia and other areas of the metro Atlanta well over 25 years ago.  Rael has extensive knowledge of the operations of a home that he gained through his experience managing and maintaining rental property throughout Georgia.  Not only does Rael’s extensive knowledge and experience in the home inspection industry make him your ideal Georgia Home Inspector but his excellent disposition and high level of integrity will quickly let you know you have hired a home inspector you can trust.

Brian Zeis – Home Inspector

Brian Zeis Home Inspector

The drive to see what others never see has taken Home-Probe inspector Brian Zeis to the top of Andes mountains in Peru and to the inner-depths of Atlanta crawlspaces. No one knows the ins-and-outs of a home like Brian, who started an award-winning home construction company in 1984 before transitioning to home inspection.

Brian’s professional designations run as deep and noteworthy as his experience level, and include:

  • ASHI at Home Training Program: renowned as the most respected and comprehensive training
  • ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Member
  • ICC (International Code Council) Certification

Clients who need an expert like working with Brian. “I’m proud of the reputation I’ve built in this industry. I treat clients the way I would a friend by being personable, trustworthy, and very thorough.”

Brian puts his skills and sense of adventure into giving back by working on early-response construction teams after hurricanes and other worldwide natural disasters. His family, especially three (and counting!) grandchildren, are at the heart of his contagious smile.

D.V. Caitlin – Home Inspector

dv-profileWhen D.V. Caitlin takes on a trade, mastery is the only option. His 15 years of experience in construction began by digging a foundation trench by hand. He applies that same approach to his work as an inspector, including owning his own inspection firm in Los Angeles before making his way to the Atlantic coast.

D.V.’s distinguished list of formal training and professional affiliations include:

  • ASHI membership (American Society of Home Inspectors)
  • InterNACHI certification (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
  • MFA University of California San Diego

Living by the mantra “Preparation is everything,” D.V. credits his success as an inspector to a two-fold approach: research and repeatable process. He reviews the home before ever arriving and then upon inspection, collects data through the focused process he’s established through years of inspections.

Clients who want detailed data easily understood like working with D.V. He says:

“Curiosity is one of the seven unteachables, I’m always asking the next question and passing what I learn to my clients. The biggest compliment I get is when a client says they learned so much from me it helped them look at all houses differently. I can’t help but teach.”

When D.V. isn’t wearing his Home-Probe blue teaching home buyers and sellers about the condition of their homes, he’s spending time with his three children. You might also be surprised to find out he’s cultivating his inner Hollywood side. He applies that MFA as an actor, director, and award-winning screenwriter — ask him about his latest casting.


Jeff Luther – Principal

Jeff Luther is the founder and President of Home-Probe, Inc., your Georgia home inspection company, and has lived in Atlanta all of his life. He is intimately familiar with the older – “In Town” homes in Atlanta as he has been buying and remodeling homes in Atlanta since 1997.

Jeff worked as a Project Manager for Georgia-Pacific Corporation for two years on a Class Action Suit filed against G-P regarding a product called Hardboard Siding. 18 months of those two years were spent doing on site evaluations of single family home inspections, apartment building inspections, condominium inspections and town home inspections throughout the Southeast.

Jeff has personally trained all of the inspectors at Home-Probe, Inc. to ensure the Georgia home inspection company continues to provide the top notch inspections that has given the Atlanta based company its great reputation and propelled it to be one of the top referred inspection companies in the Atlanta area.

Though you will rarely see Jeff doing a home inspection in Georgia on his own he spends a lot of his time out in the field in Atlanta working with inspectors and making sure the clients’ needs are addressed.  Jeff oversees the daily operations of Home-Probe, Inc. and the quality of every Atlanta home inspection.

Melanie Selcho – Manager, Client Relations


Melanie’s zest for communication and problem-solving come through in the way she manages client relations for Home-Probe. Her goal is to ensure Home-Probe delivers on our promise of earning confidence and trust by providing experienced, quality inspections and stand-out service. As an award-winning speaker, her engaging classes serve as a valuable resource to real estate industry professionals. Melanie also directs Home-Probe’s digital and social media presence. She brings eight years of business communications experience and a degree in Journalism and Public Relations to her work.

When she’s not in the office, Melanie craves get-togethers, live music, and travel, and finds no better company than her husband, four kids, and pug puppy. If you hear a loud laugh, you can bet she’s close by.