$100 offer with every listing inspection


We’ve long been advocates of listing inspections for sellers as a way to save them money and time. And it’s not just us, top-producer Rob Smith from Keller Williams Intown has said it’s the “best marketing investment” a seller can make.

That’s why we’re offering $100 agent marketing budget on all listing inspections this December and January. The listing agent determines whether to use the budget for:

  • Co-branded “Just Moved” postcards advertising a new, pre-certified listing
  •  Sponsorship of a caravan
  • Other marketing.

In addition, every listing inspection always includes:

  • Full inspection report with cost estimates for repair
  • Phone consultation about technical issues
  • Customized flyer identifying technical features of the home
  • Buyer walk-through for $185
  • Opportunity for seller to control the contract negotiations, repair schedules, and costs.

Use a listing inspection and the $100 marketing budget as your unique selling proposition when you consult with sellers.

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